“My favorite part of the entire creation process is delivering the final artwork to your home and seeing the expression on your face as you see yourself for the first time hanging on your wall” says Moody.

Stephen Moody is an artist and a Master Photographer with over 30 years of experience. He specializes in creating one of a kind Fine Art Portrait Paintings. "It all starts with an idea - your idea - my idea..... and we build from there to design an amazing work of art of You!" says Moody. 

We start with a consultation of ideas and plan the photo-shoot: props, clothing and accessories and location. Then the fun begins in planning and prepping for your shoot.

One of Moody's greatest skills is creating atmosphere with light. "It is imperative to start with an amazing photograph before even thinking about the painted portrait." says Moody.

Moody’s artistic talents don’t stop there - The linen artwork that will hang on your wall is a beautiful painted portrait in acrylic and oil paints.  We also offer custom hand made frames that are made to compliment your artwork and interior.

Moody has been designing Fine Art Portraits since 1984, making original artwork for many interior designers to compliment the interiors of the homes and offices for which they design.

With his camera, computer, palette, brushes, canvas and unerring flair for light, Moody's work brings fine art portraiture to every pet owner, family and institution who seek to capture the present for future generations to come. He accomplishes the impossible, creating an "exact likeness" of loved ones.

“That is what I have to offer to you......a timeless artistic portrait,” says Moody, “an heirloom to be passed down from one generation to another.”

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